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Paul d'Amore:Troubadour and Vignettes of Emotions

This site is under re-construction.  It will become my music library with hundreds of tracks, most yet to be recorded. New songs will be uploaded regularly!

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I am excited to have been chosen by The Society of Composers and Lyricists to co-write a song for its first annual SONGDEMIC!  June 27, 2020.  Darren Ellis Smith and I co-wrote a song, Call My Name, for the general genre "anything Disney TV". 

Call My Name” is a song that leans in, on its surface for a Disney or POP teen artist as Olivia Rodrigo, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which is overall an Anthemic plea and emotional vignette of undying support, eternal friendship, and hopeful love, and that through thick or thin, no matter what, “Call My Name” and “I’ll be there”.  George Floyd called for his Mama; We all have someone to call and hopefully all have someone to RESPOND to that call. The song is a big Universal hug in the moment of all-time.  We all have “Remember Me!” on the tip of our tongues.



Once Upon a Time