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Paul d'Amore
Troubadour of Emotions
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I am excited to be attending the ASCAP EXPO 2014 in Los Angeles at the end of April.  After I return,
I shall be revamping this tired site, so bear with me.  Thanks!

There is a lot to look forward to on the new site:  Some new songs, new T-shirts and caps, and the possibility of YOU writing some lyrics for a few new songs! Be a part of this musical journey. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the website of songwriter Paul d'Amore, ASCAP

Songwriting at its best!  Emotionally powerful lyricism fusing pop/rock idioms in a personal harmonic journey through the Music of the Spheres creating an emotionally charged atmosphere for the listener as Paul suspends time and space and creates Vignettes of Emotion.

Queen, McCartney, Paul Simon, a splash of Springsteen, the Police and the Eagles meet Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman and James Newton Howard:  Independent, personal, and unique; Beautiful and powerful harmonically crafted melodies creating emotionally charged songs that are vignettes of the moment mapping the Music of the Spheres.


Once Upon a Time

Memorial and Tribute: An expression of Loss 

We have experienced unbelievable tragedy in the USA recently. It was for times such as these, both personally and collectively, that I wrote the next "Ave Maria", my memorial/tribute love song, "Lamentare". My sister and I were talking, and the subject of how would/could we ever deal with the death of our father when that time came. That discussion haunted me. When I got home, I immediately went to the piano and wrote "Lamentare". It is my personal tribute to the special gentleman and compassionate man that was my father (he just passed March 6, 2013). Loss--a lot has been written about it, how to deal with it, its part in the Journey of life, the "why" of loss, etc. Take a moment of quiet time, a personal meditation, and listen to "Lamentare". I believe the arch of the music can take you to a place of inner peace in that moment as an expression of love and compassion for your loss and that of others, and as a tribute/memorial to those souls that have touched us, and we carry with us ever onward. We want to heal. Pain and loss are a necessary part of life. The song and its experience don't change the world in any immediate way. But on the personal level as we each pass along the compassion it elicits from one-to-another, perhaps such a positive and slow evolution can be a natural part of what is the larger future. That is as those we have lost would want it.

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